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Poliarm Solutions


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Poliarm Solutions provides Offshore Recruitment and Talent Management services so you can reduce your overhead costs while ensuring your organization remain on top of its game.

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At Poliarm Solutions, our success is driven by the expertise and accomplishments of our co-founders. With their extensive backgrounds in operational excellence, business intelligence, talent management, and HR strategy, we bring a unique edge to the world of Business Process Outsourcing. Let's delve into their individual achievements and experiences that set us apart from our competitors. Erm Policarpio, our co-founder and Head of Business Intelligence and Business Transformation, possesses a remarkable track record in driving successful automation and digitalization initiatives. His previous projects with industry giants such as Dnata Emirates, Aurecon, and Meralco have positioned him as a trusted expert in streamlining processes and achieving digital transformation goals. Erm's wealth of experience in automations and digitalization is invaluable for our clients. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights, we can optimize business operations, improve efficiencies, and generate valuable business intelligence for our clients' strategic decision-making. With Erm's guidance, we can help our clients stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. ​ As our co-founder and Director of People, Erika Policarpio brings a unique blend of strategic vision and tactical execution to Poliarm Solutions. Erika is a seasoned Regional Leader with a proven track record in driving success across multiple industries, including Management Consulting, Information Technology, and Financial Services. Her extensive experience and achievements in navigating the complexities of startup environments, driving growth, and maximizing operational efficiency speak volumes about her ability to nurture talent and drive organizational success. Erika's knowledge of HR strategies, performance management, and employee engagement empowers us to provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional BPO services. By prioritizing the human element within organizations, we ensure that our clients have access to top talent, a highly motivated workforce, and a positive company culture. Erika's experience enables us to support our clients' growth objectives by aligning their human resources with their overall business strategy. We are also proud to introduce our co-founder Ariel Cruz M. D., a distinguished doctor with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Driven by his passion for improving healthcare delivery, Dr. Cruz has overseen hospitals and clinics across California, and he currently serves as the co-owner and CEO of a primary healthcare institution. Dr. Cruz's extensive experience and deep understanding of the healthcare landscape in the United States present a significant advantage for our clients. His strengths lie in strategic planning, operational excellence, and fostering partnerships within the healthcare industry. By leveraging Dr. Cruz's exposure and wide range of networks, we can provide our clients with unique insights, access to specialized healthcare knowledge, and strategic collaborations. Our Competitive Edge At Poliarm Solutions, the combined expertise of Dr. Ariel Cruz, Erm, and Erika Policarpio gives us a distinct competitive edge in the Business Process Oursourcing landscape. While we may be a new company, the impressive achievements of our co-founders and their successful projects with renowned companies showcase our ability to deliver exceptional results. By choosing Poliarm Solutions, clients gain access to a team that understands their unique business needs and possesses the knowledge and skills to drive their success.

Our Services


Talent Acquisition and Management Solutions

Our offshore recruitment service helps companies find the right talent from a global talent pool, saving time and resources in the hiring process.


Business Process Outsourcing Services

Our Business Process Outsourcing service streamlines your company’s operations, allowing you to focus on core business functions.


Data Analytics for Strategic Insights

Our Business Intelligence service provides advanced analytics and insights for your company’s data to help you make informed decisions and drive growth.


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Virtuality

We envision becoming a leading outsourcing provider by delivering exceptional services that exceed our clients’ expectations, building strong relationships, and empowering our employees to reach their full potential.


An innovative approach in achieving your excellence.

Our mission is to provide innovative and high-quality business process outsourcing services to your company..

And with no additional cost, we will also be providing an Operational Excellence Project that is aimed to optimize your operations. 

How does it work?

Here is our 3-phase roadmap

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Phase 1: Engagement

At Poliarm Solutions, we believe that successful outsourcing engagements start with a solid foundation. That's why we've designed a streamlined process that includes client needs assessment, proposal development, and contract alignment. By taking the time to understand our clients' unique requirements, we're able to develop customized solutions that deliver real results.

Phase 2: Onboarding

Once we've established an engagement with our clients, we begin the onboarding process. This includes a thorough discovery of their activities and processes, followed by the presentation of position descriptions and our onboarding process. We then move on to sourcing and recruitment, identifying the best-fit candidates for the team. Finally, we provide comprehensive orientation and training to ensure a seamless transition.

Phase 3: Operational Excellence

At Poliarm Solutions, we're committed to delivering excellence at every stage of the outsourcing process. Once the team is onboarded, we focus on operational excellence, including KPI alignment and performance tracking, operational excellence projects, go-live, monitoring and supervision, reporting and analytics, and review and continuous improvement. By constantly striving for excellence, we're able to deliver superior results and drive real value for our clients.

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